Floor Trap – Code : Spark SH 201

Grated Cover

Water Seal

Slope for Efficient Drainage

Overflow Provision

Ventilation Connections


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    A floor trap is a plumbing fixture designed to prevent foul odors, gases, and pests from entering a building through the drainage system. It is typically installed in the floor of a bathroom, kitchen, or other areas with plumbing fixtures. The floor trap consists of a removable cover or grate and a U-shaped or S-shaped pipe beneath it. When wastewater drains through the floor trap, the water creates a seal in the U or S-shaped bend, preventing odors and gases from traveling back up through the drain. This crucial component helps maintain proper hygiene and sanitation in a building. Floor traps are commonly found in both residential and commercial settings and play a vital role in the overall functioning of a plumbing system.


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